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Open Level Classes For All

All classes are 1 hour unless stated otherwise and all classes are open level unless stated otherwise. Meaning that beginners are welcome, and intermediate variations will be given to accommodate those who want more of a challenge. All classes are geared for a beginner to intermediate level, with mixed variations to challenge you for whatever level you are at. From Hip Hop to Bollywood. Pilates to yoga. Check out instagram @thepinkstudiotoronto for some videos to get a better feel for each class!



Zumba is a fitness class that combines dance and fitness moves. Inspired by Latin dance and music, Zumba uses a variety of styles in its routines, including Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton, Mambo, Rumba, Flamenco, and Hip Hop. 


Beginner Beyoncé

An empowering dance class set to teach your the signature Beyonce moves while you learn to strut. Fun, silly and still a great workout! Heels optional.

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Come learn the fundamentals of ballet or brush up on your skills if you used to dance but it’s been a while. Also a great beginner ballet class for dancers of other styles that want to get back to basics. Bare feet, socks or ballet shoes.


Bollywood Fusion

Learn the basics of Bollywood dance and get an excellent workout at the same time. Fusion classes mean you get exposure to bit of everything! Classic bollywood, bolly hop and bhangra.

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90’s Hip Hop

The perfect Hip Hop class for beginners! Set to all your favourite 90's music. An urban dance style class inspired by the moves and tunes of the 90's. Learn fundamentals, grooves, and finish with a fun dance combo.


Barre Bootcamp

It’s a BARRE class meets a HIIT class, meaning you will spend half the class in the centre doing interval training exercises with small weights and half the class at the barre working your smaller muscle groups. Don’t be scared about the title- modifications given for ALL levels



Open level class designed to accommodate beginners as well as those more experienced. All classes are variations of a vinyasa flow style, focusing on building strength and finding alignment within your own body.

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Gentle Yoga

A gentler practice, focusing on creating more mobility and strength in the body. Perfect for mature students or those with joint injuries or anyone looking to move better and feel better.

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A fantastic class for all levels to strengthen, tone and elongate your muscles. Done on mats, you will also get the benefit of accessories like balls and bands to aid your body. Very beneficial for runners, athletes and dancers. Baby friendly classes available.

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Pilates Burn

Taking mat pilates to a new level! Pilates Burn will have you sweating to upbeat music, incorporating traditional pilates with contemporary movement and fitness exercises. Get ready to use resistance bands, balls and get a killer workout!



A intense but low impact full body workout, using the ballet barre as well as fitness bands to strengthen, lengthen and tone. Get ready to sweat! Baby friendly classes available.

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 A “strut + sweat” dance class but with a BROADWAY vibe. All the best show tunes with sultry and fun choreography. Think Musical Theatre meets Burlesque. Heels are optional, but not necessary.


Throwback Pop Dance

A fitness and dance class in one! Start with strength and conditioning exercises to feel strong and then learn basic grooves and a fun high energy dance routine. All set to your favourite pop tunes from the 90’s and 2000’s

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High intensity interval training is a form of cardiovascular fitness designed to maximize your caloric burning potential! (Think jumping jacks, Planks & Burpees). Thirty exercises are performed over one-minute intervals. It moves fast but modifications are always provided.  It’s tons of fun and the music will keep you on your toes! Be prepared to work up a serious sweat! 



Nia is a cardio workout that combines dance, martial arts and mindfulness. The class is practiced barefoot and uses 52 simple moves that are non-impact and adaptable to all fitness levels. Set to uplifting music from around the world, the class will make you sweat, smile and feel a sense of inner calm.


Cardio Hip Hop

Get your cardio in while having fun! Learn a hip hop combo in an easy to follow format that keeps you moving for 60min. Moves are broken down and put together all to a running mix of the best hip hop jams.

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Cardio Step

The perfect blend of an old school step class with the sweaty intensity of a HIIT workout. A non-stop total body CARDIO HIIT workout done to the beat of the music. Low impact modifications make this class accessible for everyone.

30min class. Baby Friendly version of this class as well.

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Booty Core

Feel the burn in this 30min class that tones, tightens and strengthens your body. We use resistance bands to target the core and booty! Fun, fast and you'll feel the effects of this class the following day!