The Owners



We grew up in different work environments, Natalie in customer service management and Grant in finance and procurement, but we were both always passionate about creating opportunities for women and empowering women to feel good about themselves. We can talk about feminism all night, especially over a bottle of wine.

When we are not working, we are hanging out with family & friends. Natalie’s daughter Scarlett thinks Uncle Grant is the best Lego builder ever!


We are Natalie and Grant, and we are the co-owners of The Pink Studio. We are also brother and sister so we’ve had 30+ years of practice in negotiating with each other. We were born in South Africa, grew up in Vancouver and Chicago and have now called Toronto home for over 10 years. We both have the entrepreneurial spirit and have always talked about opening a business together.  A few years, a couple weird ideas and many cups of coffee later, The Pink Studio idea was born!